All About Easy Roofing Repair

Unkind storms, strong winds, and wintery weather can cause grave damage to your roofing. However, when do you recognize if it calls for a minor repair or it is time to contact a contractor in for a new roofing. Roof installation or re-roofing your house can be costly. Often homeowners do not understand how easy it is to do usual maintenance and minor roofing repairs themselves, saving them a lot of money.


The proper roofing design and supplies used will save you big bucks and lower the possibilities of unwanted roofing repairs. Upon initially purchasing or building a house, know the region and typical weather. Is it prone to strong winds, tornados, significant snowfall? Knowing the weather where you intend to buy better enables you to do your research on what types of roofs and roofing are best for the climate. If in hurricane territory, you will want to make sure that your roofing has been designed within stipulations of hurricanes. Ensure that hurricane straps are mounted and completed correctly; straps first fastened to the inside walls than to the roof.

All About Easy Roofing Repair

Common clues that your roofing is in need of repairs are:


  1. Notice markings on your ceiling


  1. Leaks or drips from ceiling or joints in ceilings


  1. Shingles or other roofing debris is blown off the roof.


  1. Wet installation


  1. Mold or dampness right around the chimneys, vents, skylights and where roof planes meet


  1. Excessive roofing debris found in gutters


Any damage to a roof should be amended without delay; left unattended will end up costing you further damage to your house and pocketbook. You should have your roofing checked occasionally by a trusted contractor, and then you can decide if the repairs are something you can deal with or if you should have a contractor do them.


It is time for a new roofing when over 35% of it is harmed. Regular clues that you may require a whole new roofing are blistered walls, soffits are sagging or leaking, major leaking in attic, shingles are curling, dried, cracked or decayed, energy bills go up higher than normal indicating your loosing heat or air-condition out of roof, algae build up on shingles and discoloration of roofing in patchy areas.


Regular care can save you labor and money. No less than once a year examine your roofing for any damage and always after storms and unkind wintery weather. Regular care consists of:


  1. Check for overhang from trees. Trim trees back away from the roof and cut down any dead branches that will break in strong winds.


  1. Check for mold, fungus, and algae on shingles. Clean off all mold, fungus, or algae. Place strips of zinc along the ridge of the roof. When rainwater runs over them, it produces zinc oxide that leaves a protective coating on your roofing that will prevent the growth of algae and fungus


  1. Inspect shingles for signs of damage. Replace all harmed shingles and secure all loose good condition shingles. Before taking on any roofing repair job, besides having the appropriate tools and knowledge, make sure you keep safety in the forefront. Make sure your ladder is sturdy and solid, wear shoes with good tracking, and do not try roofing repairs solo. Should you get injured, no one would know. Recognize your limitations and skill level, occasionally it is better to pay to have roofing repairs done by a knowledgeable contractor then try to do home repairs that are unsuccessful.

All About Easy Roofing Repair 2

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